Want to Make a Good Impression? Check Out These Tips!

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December 1, 2017
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Making a good impression is an absolute must if you want to be successful in your business. A good impression goes a long way socially, personally and of course professionally. As a salesperson, a good impression can persuade the consumer to purchase your product or service. As a candidate in a job interview, it may help sway the decision on whether or not you get the job.

Check out these tips that can help make an awesome lasting first impression on anyone you meet, giving them the feeling that you have something significant to offer them:

Being Unconventional

Try something new every time you meet a new person rather than using the same conventional  script when you meet new people like ‘What do you do?’, ‘Hello’ or ‘What’s your name?’. Try to engage the person in the conversation so that he or she is excited by the conversation. This will help create a lasting and a positive impression on the other person. Some good ideas are to be a little more focused specifically on the person and not generic topics. Try asking things like, ‘What projects are you involved in nowadays?’ or ‘What interesting thing happened to you at work?’

Using your hands

While making conversation, make sure your hands are visible and use them to make gestures. Research has shown candidates who do so in an interview connect with the people on the other side of the room faster. Also on TED talks that are viewed on YouTube, speakers with the greatest views always raised and use their hands to show emphasis. Simon Sinek has the greatest number of views and he is known to make hand gestures as often as 600 times in a matter of just 18 minutes.

Having a Confident Stance

The stance one holds speak volumes about a confident self-image, during the first meeting with someone. Stand tall and looking like a winner helps. Subconsciously, everyone is looking to connect with winners, so unknowingly everyone is looking for signs of a confident person. A study was done on athletes from the Olympics to reveal what gestures a winner engages in compared to athletes who were not as successful. The less successful athletes tend to bow their heads, stand and walk with slumped shoulders and hands pinned to their sides. In contrast, the more successful athletes look to the sky, with their chest expanding and hands moving around. 

Keeping eye contact

Looking directly in the eye at the person you are speaking with is vital in order to leave a good impression. This tells the other person you are in tune with them and interested in what they are saying. An experiment was even done by Liberation International proving how powerful a minute of eye contact is. Strangers have been known to burst into extreme emotional states like crying or being deeply touched or simply amazed by this gesture.

Making a good first impression can not only win you the job you have always wanted, it will help you build strong, lasting relationships. Use these tips in your next interview and you’re sure to be a hit.

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