Want to Land Your Dream Job? Follow These Tips!

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January 11, 2018
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Like most people these days your family most likely relies on at least 1 household member having a 9-to-5 job to make ends meet. If you’re exhausted from working your 9-to-5 job, then perhaps you wish there was another way to help you meet your financial obligations. Maybe what you need is a more fulfilling job or a career that would be both exciting and satisfying while helping you provide for your family.

An interview with at least 100 employees and self-employed individuals who have found their dream jobs reveals one trait: persistence. These individuals may include travel journalists, fashion designers, Internet business owners, forensic scientists, and interior decorators among others. A dream job might seem unattainable, but with adequate preparation, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Below are tips to help you land your dream job.

Know About Yourself

A self-assessment to help you understand your values can also give you insight into your work patterns as well as what you would be willing to do, even without pay. Carry out your research to discover the careers, niches and industries that bring out your interests and job skills. The Internet, informational interviews, and taking relevant college courses can be a great place to obtain meaningful information. You can also physically visit the company of your choice.

Do Not Let a Lack of Experience Discourage You

How do your skills and talents match the responsibility ahead of you in your new job? Create a resume and cover letter that highlights how you will add value to your new position. Then research companies that offer jobs within the niche you are interested in. Take the time to research what prerequisites they are requiring for their “perfect candidate” and see if you meet or exceed those requirements. If you fall a bit short, consider working towards meeting those requirements before formally applying for the job.

Transition Slowly and Smoothly Into a New Career

A smooth transition involves earning a paycheck working at your current full-time job while working part-time in your new field as an intern, or enrolling for a relevant college class to attend on weekends. Take small, manageable risks. Small victories are better than no victories, which leads us to our next point.

Any Progress is Fine

Many people, even confident ones, remain working in unsatisfying jobs because of perceived job security. They feel their position is secure and do not want to regret making bad decisions or taking chances that may not work out in their favor. In contrast, opportunities require you to seek them. Make some effort to perform one task at a time. You may email some of the people in your business networks or attend a business function that takes you closer to your goal.

Start As Soon As Possible

Those in their twenties and thirties are more flexible when it comes to testing different fields and careers. The lack of family responsibilities allows for self-discovery. Financial burdens and family responsibilities can make it difficult to change careers or turn back. This is the best time to follow your dream and passion. Baby boomers are exiting from traditional employment to explore alternative career paths in a bid to follow their passion right into retirement.

Set Realistic Expectations

Some people are lucky enough to land their dream job, but a perfect work situation does not exist. Every job or career has its own benefits and challenges. You may love some aspects of your job but hate a dozen others. A dream job worth having requires solid effort. Remember that you may not feel like waking up on some days and heading into work, but there will be other days where you will find yourself so energized that you will report to work before everyone else. That’s just life in general.

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