Brian DeMeo

Cathy Underwood
July 13, 2017
Bruce Underwood
July 15, 2017

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Meet Brian DeMeo

Title / Division

Director of Medical Staffing

How long have you been with B2B?

2.5 Years

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The staffing industry is never boring. Our industry is unique as we actually have two sets of ‘customers’, both our clients and our candidates. I enjoy the challenge of connecting our candidates and clients, while constantly seeking to improve the process for all involved. When I first started in staffing we actually physically mailed applications to candidates – imagine that!

What makes B2B different than other staffing firms? This could be general values or specific experiences

Staffing is about people, and B2B truly has ‘the best of the best’ (Top Gun movie quote!). It’s a real pleasure to work with people who care about both the job they do and the people they work with. Working together to overcome challenges is what we’re all about.

What are your hobbies and/or any interesting facts about your personal life?

Well, I’m a new Dad! My awesome wife and I welcomed our new son Beau to the world in March, 2017. Pre-Beau, I enjoyed the outdoors, including mountain biking, golfing and skiing, but now just being Beau’s Dad feels pretty great. Outdoors – I’ll be back.

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