Start Your Contract Assignment Off Right

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Contract Assignment

Contract employees are frequently traveling to new cities and starting over at new places of employment, so it’s important to be able to hit the ground running. Here are a few tips on how to get the best start at your new contract assignment.

  1. Stay in Touch with Your Recruiter

Recruiters can be a wealth of experience and information. They have gone through the same process with many people before you, which makes them the authority at getting you settled in at your new place of work. Your recruiter can explain the particulars of your new job and let you know where to start. They are also a good source of information for affordable housing and organizing transportation. Finally, they can help you make sure you have all of your paperwork in order.

  1. Make the Most Out of Your Orientation

Orientation is the process through which the new employers introduce you to your new workplace policies and procedures. Orientation will help you quickly get up to speed on the specifics of how everything works at your new job site. This is an ideal time to ask questions.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the New Location

If you have time, visit your new place of employment a day before your official start date. This visit will give you a chance to experience your commute and make adjustments if needed. You’ll also start learning about the general layout of the place and perhaps a little about the people in it.

  1. Research Your New Destination

New places offer a new set of opportunities. Do some research online to give yourself an idea of what life will be like in your new city. Knowing what to expect in terms of weather and cultural norms will help you settle in faster. Reading up on some points of interest can also build excitement for the new job opportunity.

  1. Have Your Paperwork Ready

Starting at a new job is a lot like your first day at school. You’ll want to remember to carry all of your important paperwork along with snacks, something to drink, and something to write with. Bring any required paperwork such as your contract, resume, references, and proof of certifications and licenses. For example, if you are a travel nurse, you’ll need to remember to carry copies of your nursing license, certifications, and skills checklist, which are needed to complete any registration paperwork.

  1. Cozy Up to Your New Workmates

Current employees can be valuable allies. Use the orientation process to introduce yourself and become familiar with the rest of the staff. You will be spending a lot of time with them over the course of your employment contract. Most of them will be happy to answer any questions about the job, and you will be on your way to making new friends.

  1. Schedule Some Personal Time

Contract jobs can be over rather quickly. Some contracts last for as little as three months, which doesn’t give you much time to enjoy all your new city has to offer. Work around this issue by planning ahead and even purchasing tickets for such things as concerts, plays, and sporting events in advance. Take a look at your work schedule and plan out how to make the most of your days off.

Contract assignments offer unique experiences. Following these steps will help get you off to a great start.

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