What Not to Wear to a Job Interview

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You filled out your application and finally, you got a call for an interview. As an Interviewee, you always want to see to every little detail in order to impress your potential future employer. While you have already dazzled them with your resume, for your in-person interview your clothes will play an important role as it will help to create a positive and lasting first impression. There’s no need to rush out and spend a huge amount on your interview attire. You just need to know what to wear and what to avoid. We’re pretty sure they won’t be checking for designer tags at the door.

Your clothes should be appropriate and professional. It’s best to stick to basic colors and solids and avoid bright, vibrant colors and patterns. Leave the zebra and tiger prints for the weekend. Make sure that your ensemble leans more towards the conservative side. It is better to avoid skin-tight dress pants or tights and ultra-short hemlines. If you’re looking for some tips for your next job interview, feel free to read through the following tips:

Choose Appropriate, Professional Attire

Male or female, you can’t go wrong with a traditional blazer, just be mindful of what you are wearing underneath. Avoid wearing anything that is too low-cut or tight fitting or is made of a mind-numbing print. Save the Hawaiian prints for your next vacation. You want to look professional, not distracting.

Choose a Light Perfume

If you choose to wear perfume, make sure it is lightly scented and not too overpowering. Some tend to stay away from wearing perfume completely for fear of it bothering a potential employer who may be sensitive to strong scents. Again, you want to make a positive, lasting first impression.

Leave the Headphones in Your Vehicle

Wearing headphones during a job interview is a huge no-no. Not only will they distract your attention, wearing them is just plain rude. Nothing says, “I have more important things to listen to than you” than wearing headphones to a job interview. The point is to make a good impression, not to look cool.

Avoid Casual Attire

Many people prefer to wear more casual attire during summer interviews. Heavy blazers may seem a bit much during the warmer months. This does not give you license to don a t-shirt, skimpy sundress, or tank top. Instead, you can opt for a nice polo shirt, tailored khakis, and sensible shoes. For the ladies, a long, flowy dress made of lighter fabric would be perfect. Never, under any circumstances, wear flip-flops to a job interview even if it’s a lifeguarding position.

Keep Up With Modern Trends

While it’s important that you dress appropriately for your job interview, you also need to be mindful of the fact that you will potentially be representing someone’s company. You don’t want to appear out of touch with the latest fashion trends. There are a lot of stores where you can find affordable, modern designs that won’t set you back a million dollars. If you’re not sure what professional folks are wearing to the office these days, do your research before you go shopping. Ruffled tops and bow ties may not be as in style as you think!

Avoid Wearing Heavy Makeup

As with your clothing and shoes, you want to make sure your makeup is on point for a professional environment. It’s best to stick to the basics in colors that compliment your skin tone and eye color. Save the lash extensions, dark eyeshadow, and ultra red lipstick for after work.

Opt for More Traditional Ties

When it comes to choosing ties for your interview, professionals agree it’s best to stick to traditional ties in conservative colors. Once you get the job and have a better feel for your workplace, you can decide whether or not to break out the Hulk bow tie. For the interview, keeping things professional is best.

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