How do I apply for a position through B2B Staffing?

Simple. Navigate to our application page, and begin the process. We can’t wait to hear from you.

What if I don’t see a job that is of interest to me?

We receive hundreds of new jobs monthly. We invite you to send us your information so we can contact you once a job is posted that fits your experience. In fact, many of our jobs are filled with candidates who didn’t apply directly for the specific position.

How do I know you received my application?

You will receive an email confirmation from B2B once your application is completed or should we require more information.

Should I contact the employer directly?

No. Our clients have asked us to manage the employment process on their behalf. Once you have applied and passed our initial screening and interview process, your B2B Recruiter will become your personal advocate and manage the entire hiring process. In certain cases, a telephone or on-site interview will be arranged with our client.

Will you consider me for other positions if I didn’t get placed with my initial choice?

Of course! We have hundreds of new jobs available every month. We will work one on one with you find the right position for you.

How often do I get paid?

Weekly. Our pay period is Sunday – Saturday, with paychecks produced the following Friday of every pay period.

Do you offer mileage or travel reimbursement?

Yes we do. Your B2B Recruiter will review all of the reimbursement options with you for each assignment.

Do you offer expense reimbursement for meals or lodging?

We offer expense reimbursement for travel assignments, as well as paid housing/lodging. Your B2B Recruiter can review all of the options with you.

Do you offer Paid Time Off (PTO)?

We typically do not offer PTO as it would decrease the hourly rate. However, we can customize pay packages and build this feature in for long term assignments.

Where do I access timecards and other payroll related documents?

Once you are approved for assignment with B2B, you will receive electronic access to our payroll documents.

How long are contract and/or travel assignments?

The industry standard for most contract and/or travel assignments is thirteen weeks. However, assignments can range from four weeks to over one year.