Anitra L. Simmons

Roxana M. Osorio
July 12, 2017
Gary Horne
July 20, 2017

Candidate Spotlight

Meet Anitra L. Simmons

Enjoy reading books, a drive-in movie, exercising at the beach, or making humorous videos with her children.

Clerical Assistant
One Year in August

How long have you been with B2B?

One Year in August

What do enjoy most about your assignment?

What I enjoy most about the assingment I’m on is the schedule. My day begins at 6 am, and I am off by 2:30. I have time to get my daughter from school, help with her homework, or shuttle her from one event to another. It’s perfect for me. I also enjoy working with the other ladies in my department. We’re a small department, but we pack a big punch in terms of the amount of work being handled.

Please describe your experience in working with B2B.

I first spoke with my recruiter, Yvette, she has been prompt in supplying me with all of the information needed in order for me to get on an assignment and to be able to get the job done once there. I immediately felt prepared for my first day on assignment thanks to her thoroughness. I must also admit that I am most appreciative of Yvette’s gentle reminder to submit my time sheet. She understands that my assignment can get pretty hectic very quickly, so those occasional reminders are priceless.

What are your hobbies and/or any interesting facts about your personal life that you are very happy to share?

When I’m not at work, I can be found on the other end of a book, enjoying a drive-in movie, exercising at the beach, or making humorous videos with my children for Instagram. My children can get me involved in some pretty funny situations.

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