Choosing the Best Travel Nursing Cities for You

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Nursing continues to be ranked among the top in-demand jobs, with 19% job growth expected by 2022. Travel nurses offer a temporary solution for filling urgent vacancies in the field. They go where they are needed and stay in those locations for a set period of time, averaging 13 weeks per assignment.

The demand for nurses tends to fluctuate by city, and shortages in certain areas make it lucrative for nurses to move around the country in pursuit of a financially beneficial and fulfilling career. But how can you choose the best travel nursing cities for you?

The Benefits of Travel Nursing

Travel nurses are able to pick and choose where they work and live. Decisions on travel nursing locations are based on a variety of factors, including salary, benefits, and quality of life. Travel nursing is a unique opportunity to see the world while taking care of people and making a sizable income at the same time. And if a nurse finds one particular area that they enjoy, they can always choose to settle there.

Salary varies by healthcare facility, geographical area, and expertise. The national average salary for a travel nurse in 2018 was over $92,000. Employers tend to cover travel and accommodation expenses the nurses incur.

In addition to good pay, travel nurses can often enjoy other benefits as well:

– Tax breaks

– Retirement and healthcare benefits

– Tax-free stipends

– Bonuses

Benefits vary by assignment. Look for positions that fulfill your specific needs.

The Best Travel Nursing Cities for High Pay

Most travel nurses choose their assignments based on the salary. Several cities in California are among those with the highest pay rates for travel nurses. San Jose, for example, typically pays up to $116,000 for quality travel nurses. Other cities in California, such as Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, also pay high rates.

Similar pay rates can be found in cities on the East Coast. New York, Boston, and Atlanta offer top compensation. These cities are known to provide quality healthcare and serve large populations, which is why nurses are always in demand there.

It’s important to consider more than just the pay when weighing your opportunities, however. An $80,000 salary will go much further in a smaller town such as Des Moines than it will in New York. When you take the cost of living into account, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona are among the states with top pay for nurses.

Choosing Travel Nursing Cities for Experience

When choosing your travel nursing cities, consider the facility where you will be working. Facilities such as Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and the Schneck Medical Center in Seymour offer a combination of high salaries, career advancement opportunities, on-the-job training, and challenging work experiences that can be very fulfilling. Travel nurses looking for career advancements try very hard to get posted at these locations.

Traveling to new cities also allows nurses to work in new specialties. Some nurses get bored working for extended periods in a location that does not offer many opportunities to explore other fields of medicine. Being a travel nurse enables them to pursue their interests in new fields by finding locations where demand for nurses in their preferred fields of medicine is high.

Alternative Benefits

Most travel nurses choose their locations based on salary and career advancement opportunities. Some travel nurses ignore these factors altogether and choose where to work based solely on the standard of living in those places. For example, travel nurses who enjoy warm weather can choose to work in sunny locations regardless of the pay rate or the prestige of the hospitals that they will be working in.

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